Wednesday, 4 February 2009

World Embryo in a Manga Chart?!

Yes, you better believe it.

BTW, this got me thinking, if World Embryo is slowly gaining some fame and by the time volume six shows up or something, would it mean that an anime series would show up? Or even a J-Drama similiar to GARO or Cutie Honey the Live, someday?

*Thinks for a moment*

Hmm, maybe a J-Drama might be likely, though the only thing that's going to cause some production trouble; would be someone (prefably a young girl) playing Neene. T_T I would like to see Konishi Hiroki (now called Ryusei or something) to play as Takao, but he's a tad older, so maybe Fujita Ray might a replacement for him, considering he's good at swordfights and being badass (or maybe that guy who played as Rio from Gekiranger might be the one playing as him). And then there's Riku...hmm, I doubt Satoh Takeru would get the lead role, but maybe that guy who plays as Ramon/Bashaa from KR Kiva could possibly be him, since he definitely fits the 'cute-guy-gone-absolutely-nuts' type (trust me, after reading nearly 4-5 volumes of WE, Riku does crazy and possibly dangerous things to protect Neene and his family. Kinda like Light from Death Note for some reason, as he too, protects his family by killing a lot of criminals and a few people that he deems to see them as annoyances to his plan. Especially L) or maybe that guy who was Kojirou from Fuuma no Kojirou might be one, though he's a bit too cheerful for his role and a little older.

As for girls...erm, boys, I think you're on your own on dreaming a good female cast.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Oh Look, it's Mrs. S&M de Complain; aka My Mum

Right, I have this love and hate relationship with my mum. One moment, she's all nice, but look beneath her surface and she turns into this horrible old S&M hag who loves to torture friends and family via through sadistic complaints. And every time she's like getting stuck with in a lonely dim-lit the seventh circle of Hell.

And my advice to her, even though she's my mum...oh, for Fuck's Sake, nobody cares about your complaints. The more you complain to anyone, including me...the more that people will starting putting the hate on you and thus giving you a title worthy that Satan would be most proud of, instead of God. So, ha ha.

And as for Boxing Day...oh, fuck no. The Vietnamese Catholic Church had just cut the 'entertainment' part of the after party, meaning no music from my cousin. Fuck this and the same old dinner that we get every year, I'm staying at home and might as well make an excuse for not going to Church anyway. Plus, people at my age at not going to be might as well be more like a school reunion for old people and not much of a 'wild' party to anyone between the ages of 18 - 24.

In the mean time, ordered, played and beaten the new Prince of Persia and my God, it plays similiarly well with Okami and ICO for some reason.

Monday, 4 August 2008

The Curse of Microsoft's Screen Death

And it was a woman...

Now I'm not really a fan of Microsoft's consoles, but it's really sad to see a precious being taken away from a mad person, in this case her husband.

May her soul rest in peace and let his soul suffer whatever Lucifer and his folks over at Hell are going to deal with him.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Art in Games

Good God, whereas I'm one of those people who actually love the new PoP trailers, but there some people who just have some negative comments about this. As the words of the wise Ben 'Yathzee' Croshaw from Zero Punctuation says...

The thought occurs that for all my banging at the "games are art" drum, art is only as good as the culture that surrounds it. A game could give the most extraordinarily emotional experience in the entirety of human culture, and bring tears to the eyes of a jaded war veteran with no eyes, but it's all for naught if it's not surrounded by self-important bearded tossers who read too much into things for a living...

In other words, you have the arty-Okami-type people who actually love the games that are basically 'not-going-to-hyper-realism-with-photorealistic-graphics' and have really distinct and different art styles than the other popular games and then there's the typical-fanboy-FPS-type people, who never actually understand and appreciate Klimt, Picasso and Aardman Animation, hate lots of brushwork that artists spent ages to put their efforts to the public and would rather wowed at the grapics that have realistic faces and all wanted blood to be as realistic as possible and just basically never put a foot on a fine art gallery, whatsoever. If you choose the second optiion, congradulations; you've just awarded to being a dumb person, who spends life not caring for the changing world and you never, ever seen the Culture Show, watched some documentaries and most hate the colourful artistic direction that the games are going to that way, instead of going to crappy never-going-to-be-perfect-photorealistic graphics that are basically covered in browns, greys and dark tints that would best described as dull and lifeless.

If I were you, just don't be afraid and pick a damn art book, like Van Gogh or something, look at the beautiful illustrations, watch some Studio Ghlibi movies or the anime version of Metropolis; appreciate the world as it has some hope and most importantly...STOP SAYING TO DEVELOPERS ON WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! Ben Mattes has defended himself that he wanted the new PoP game on a more artistic and poetic direction and wants to join the Okami bandwagon and also says that the Sands of Time trilogy has already concluded AND is AND WILL NEVER, going to join the WW and T2T stuff ever again.

And possibly wanted to apologise to Jordan Mechner, for creating the 2nd and 3rd PoP game to the wrong direction. And I highly respect Mechner, because he really wants the PoP series to be more fantasy and poetic rather than the hyper-realism crap that has no soul and would rather put some dull environments that I'm going to say 'meh, where's the variety?' and some other stuff.

And if you're STILL denying that games can be art and they can have as many different art styles as they want, then your IQ must me really low and your soul is completely hopeless and would carry to purgatory when you die; that way, you'll regret it.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Doodles + Work = NOT FUN AT ALL

AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!! This is pissing me off, so this is the reason why I'm going to rant this. Apparently, my older sister and my dad do not understand that if they call these doodles and pieces as 'work', I might as well throw everything in the bin and start doing some cosplay stuff and ignore anything that thwy're start asking me about work.

It really pisses me off as a design student. I'll give you many reasons why I don't like the word 'work' and mixing in what I love to do:

A) Work is like having no ideas at all, aside from a few research ideas and then expect to start drawing from day one and continue, until your soul has been consumed by the 'ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKE SHO-SAKA A VERY DULL GIRL' robot. I just hate it, it makes me want to cry.

B) My older sister and my dad always tell me to do 'work' for a few hours, but there's one problem that they'll never understand artists and designers who blog their rant on peer pressure: when they say a 'few hours', it's mostly taking a whole day staying in at home and expect to produce lots of drawing that you can mostly describe your own as 'shit' quality. And to be honest, I hate that peer pressure; they may like 'my work', but I'll always see this as 'shit' and 'something I'm going to regret later on'.

AND most importantly...

C) DRAWING IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!! Get that, FUN!!! It's something that I'll always do on a whim and something that I really love. But one day, it's something that's going to be that I hate, thanks to her and my dad!!! And for once, I should really wish that they should call those pieces that I was supposed to do as DOODLES that can used to inspire later on, NOT works on the essay of what the word 'art and design' means to them!!! If they keep calling them 'work' one more time, I might as well give up the whole project altogether and lose my 'drawing' spirit forever.

I get really pissed off when they say 'work, work, work', but what ever happened to something like 'something you'll enjoy is something that you like to continue for your rest of your life'? It's really sad no one would see enjoyment of a hobby turned into a nightmare thanks to peer pressure. That's why if she and my dad think the 'work, work, work' attitude to me, then they made me go unmotivated on the doodle aspect and ending up ranting in my blog that neither her or he would find me here and expect some flaming in the comment box.


Thursday, 5 June 2008

Oh Noes! L's Name is Going to Change!

Death Note's been picked up by Hollywood! / O o O \

And what's worse? It's true and it's going to be developed by Vertigo Entertainment and Universial Pictures, which IMO, they make rubbish J-Horror remakes. Though only The Departed, which is based on some Hong Kong movie, Infernal Affairs, seemed to be good.

I'm really worried about this, because: A) Death Note's already had fans around the globe (including me) and B) When they see this news, they're going to go 'Oh no. Please not this!' sort of thing.

I just hope the screenplay writers would follow the manga storyline, otherwise, I'm going to stick to waiting for those two or maybe three Japanese live-action Death Note movies.

Friday, 30 May 2008

Insert Some Angry Emo Title Entry

I'm angry and emo for two simple reasons:

1) My Dad and my older sister keep bugging me about this crap coursework deadline that I was supposed to do over the summer. Yes, I know that universoty life is important into work and play, BUT that doesn't mean they should peek into my problem, aside from the "£3000" tution fee excuse.

I just wish my tutor should have given the whole class a better assignment, because robots and futuristic stuff are NOT sort of my cup of tea.


2) That horrible 'Middle-Child-Peer-Pressure' syndrome that got me into emotionally stressful and at times, really depressing and emo. Let me explain: Ever since when I was eight or so, I didn't know that I had to SATs, meaning I was a happy child, until at the tender age of ten that when I found out that I was going to the same grammar school as my older sister, who I shall call her CQ. And then, I never forgave my Dad onwards, because during the summer, that old bastard kept bombing me with those English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning test papers all in one go and my childhood days of being a cheerful one soon ended, because of him. Then, there's the 11-year-old SATs and this is where I started to loathe the tests more in the coming years.

By the time I got accepted into a Grammar School (which is full of snobby type boys that I'll never go out on a date with them), I got depressed that some of the people, including my cousin, are cleverer than me and I thought whether I shouldn't have passed the entrance exam and pleased my Dad.

However, then things starting to turn for the worse. By the time I had done my end-of-year tests at the age 0f 14, I was depressed that my maths results were shit and that I nearly flunked Chemistry, though I did score well in English, Physics and French. And then I didn't realised that I could never be the academic type who likes to sit and concentrate in classrooms later on and when it came to GCSEs, I think that the only subject that I love is art: But my artistic freedom of expression was hampered down by my ex-art teacher who forced me to do stuff that I didn't want to. And when it came to academic types GCSEs, I just lost the will to carry on and my Dad and my older sister keep nagging that studying right now in the middle of an exam period is more important than just blogging your hatred to them (and hopefully none of them are going to read I'm complaining about them). I know they care for me, but I just really hate it when they start asking me the same questions EVERY SECOND!!!

And then when it came to AS and A2 Levels exams, they still KEEP bugging me like I'm some sort of a teenager refusing to grow up and change my personality!!! And this is where I start to loathe of why I didn't enrolled to a vocational 6th Form college like CQ. Oh, wait. I forgot, my Dad. He always insisting to go on an Academic 6th Form College, but what I realised is that I can never be like him and be a mathematical genius like him (and I start to even loathe more when he found some spiritualism in form of a REALLY Catholic guy and that he acts like some kind of person who is worse than a Jehovah's Witness coming through the door, telling me if I don't believe in God, then it's a one way ticket to Hell (yeah, like that's going to happen. I think I believe that devils and angels are no different to each other and that they like to hang out with each other and play a bit of Wii)) and that he just doesn't get with my unpredictable personality and what I actually feel. Even a help with the Francis House Hospice didn't help, because I hated my Dad for what I actually am.

A poor confused girl, who is looking for alternative paths in the future. I always hate his one-sided view and plus for the fact that I hate him for not accepting me that I'll never be as clever as them and that people with different minds and problems are always good, instead of trying to be clever, only to fail at life. I just hate him that he's trying to put some peer pressure on me and that he's conviced he's right.

I've got one word to him: